Why "Bald Eagle to Fish Eagle?" We have traded one nation for another for 4 months and are living in Lusaka, Zambia while Andy completes his seminary mentoring.

The other day, Benjamin and Andrew asked Andy while driving down the road, "Do you know where you're going?" Andy replied, "Yes. This is my home town!" And it's true. Lusaka, Zambia is Andy's home town. Beth grew up here for a couple of years. But it is also very new. Join us on our adventure of discovering Zambia for the next 14 weeks.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Jet Lag--Belatedly Posted

Finally getting over jet lag enough to actually write about it. Most everybody knows what jet lag is--and many, many know what it feels like. I asked members of our family what they think about jet lag.

Benjamin: "Jet lag? Ugh. Wow! Really? It's...well...really...yucky!" (The following pictures were taken during my failed attempt to keep people awake until bed-time on our first day in Zambia.)

Andrew: Drew and I were in the same bed, I guess because we had the same level of sleeplessness. We worked crossword puzzles together--ones in Games magazine. "Baby owl" was the clue. We were stumped. Somehow we fell asleep and then woke up about 2 or 3 in the morning. He rolled over--"Owlet." Sleepily I respond, "What?!" "Owlet. That's the baby owl. You know--in the crossword puzzle." I affirm his insight, roll over and reach for something outside of the mosquito net. "Mommy--don't write it down now!!"

Andy: No comment--he has censored the picture of himself asleep in a chair with his mouth hanging open. 

Beth: I obviously worked crossword puzzles in bed under the mosquito net. I got hungry about 11:00 at night--raided the refrigerator. I woke up about 2 or 3AM, fell back to sleep about 4, slept until about 5 or 6, got up and then wanted to pass out at 3 in the afternoon. I walked through my day with a smile on my face, a dazed look in my eyes and hoped (and prayed) that anything that came out of my mouth would not be regrettable. This lasted for about 8 days and then I fell into routine.


  1. The boys enjoyed hearing about this. They've only experienced about 2 hours jet lag so I had to explain it a little. I've never been more than 3 time zones away, though I've worked nights before (worked 10 pm to 7 am), so I can imagine!

    Thanks for sharing your blog!

    1. Say,"Hi," to the boys from Benjamin and Andrew. Andrew is sitting here reading this with me.

  2. Nice pictures! Just finished all the Ventress missions and the Grievous missions on Lego Star Wars. It's awesome. (from Will)

    Why are they in Zambia again? (from Rhynn)

    Hi! (from Reece)

    Love the blog!! Great idea. I'm glad you're past the joys of jet lag. Onward and upward ... (from Julie & William)

    1. Tell Will, "I think the Ventress and Greivous missions would be cool." (Andrew)

      Tell Rhynn--I'm not sure what to tell Rhynn--How do you explain all of this to her age? What did you say?

      Hi to Reece!

      Thanks to the rest of you!!