Why "Bald Eagle to Fish Eagle?" We have traded one nation for another for 4 months and are living in Lusaka, Zambia while Andy completes his seminary mentoring.

The other day, Benjamin and Andrew asked Andy while driving down the road, "Do you know where you're going?" Andy replied, "Yes. This is my home town!" And it's true. Lusaka, Zambia is Andy's home town. Beth grew up here for a couple of years. But it is also very new. Join us on our adventure of discovering Zambia for the next 14 weeks.

On the Map

We want to help you locate us on the map.

Zambia is located in southern Africa.


We live in the capital city, Lusaka.

Our house is located behind the tree in the bottom left hand corner--it looks like all of the other student houses in the picture. The buildings on the right are faculty housing--Andy's parents' old house is the second one down on the right. The buildings in the center are the chapel and the seminary classrooms.
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