Why "Bald Eagle to Fish Eagle?" We have traded one nation for another for 4 months and are living in Lusaka, Zambia while Andy completes his seminary mentoring.

The other day, Benjamin and Andrew asked Andy while driving down the road, "Do you know where you're going?" Andy replied, "Yes. This is my home town!" And it's true. Lusaka, Zambia is Andy's home town. Beth grew up here for a couple of years. But it is also very new. Join us on our adventure of discovering Zambia for the next 14 weeks.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Driving in Lusaka

I've been driving in Lusaka (Beth) since about the third week here. The first day was memorable. If you had been riding in the back of the car, this is what you would have experienced:
"Ok, put it into reverse. You are driving on the left. Easy on the potholes. When you turn left (self-talk), you're going to turn into the LEFT lane."
"Mom, why did you just turn on the windshield wipers?"
"That's where the blinker is at home."
"You're driving on the left and you're turning into the left lane."
"Mom, stop turning on the windshield wipers!"
"Watch out, Mom, you're going to..." (Crunch)
"You just drove off the road."
"I know, the roads are narrower here, and they're washed out on the edges--be patient with me."
"Mom, watch out for the.... (Wham, car flies into the air) Ow, you're going to kill us." (The speed bumps are high and camouflaged so that it is hard to see that they are there until right when you're upon them. I didn't do it quite like that again.)
We arrive at the vegetable market, head home and it starts to pour rain.
Benjamin in the back, "Well, at least you know where the windshield wipers are!"


  1. Sounds like such an adventure - and makes me wish for that freedom - I have to walk or take taxis:( Of course, the way they drive here, I'd probably get us all killed pretty quick....

  2. That's why Julie doesn't want me to drive when we go to Moscow!