Why "Bald Eagle to Fish Eagle?" We have traded one nation for another for 4 months and are living in Lusaka, Zambia while Andy completes his seminary mentoring.

The other day, Benjamin and Andrew asked Andy while driving down the road, "Do you know where you're going?" Andy replied, "Yes. This is my home town!" And it's true. Lusaka, Zambia is Andy's home town. Beth grew up here for a couple of years. But it is also very new. Join us on our adventure of discovering Zambia for the next 14 weeks.

Sunday, 12 February 2012


Andy's Version of the Story: Drew woke us up this morning with the announcement that there was a mouse in the toilet. Sure enough there was. Beth came up with an idea to capture him in a yoghurt container, I managed to do it, and then tossed him way over the fence into the grave yard. Hopefully he will decide he is a country mouse and not a city mouse after that experience.

Verbatim of the Conversation

Andy and I are sound asleep.

Drew: There's a mouse in the toilet.

Andy: What?

Drew: There's a mouse in the toilet. 

Andy: What did you say?

Beth: There's a mouse in the toilet. M-O-U-S-E. Drew, is he alive?

Drew: Yes, he's swimming around and I have to go!

Andy gets up to look and then comes back into the bedroom and stands, staring at the window.

Beth: Is it really a mouse?

Andy: Yes.

Beth: What are you doing?

Andy: Trying to figure out how to get him out.

Beth: A stick?

Andy: A stick??

Beth: Yes, so that he can climb out.

Andy: You want him to climb out and then run around the house.

Beth: Well...no.

Andy moves the mosquito net aside and sits down on the corner of the bed.

Beth: Lord Jesus, we have a mouse in the toilet. We have NO idea how to get that mouse out. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


Beth: What about dipping him out with a yogurt container?

We did--see first paragraph.

The end.


  1. Probably wasn't so at the time, but reading of your description - absolutely HILARIOUS! Oh, how I wish I had seen Andy's face when he asked if you wanted it to run around the house....

  2. I'm just reading this...HILARIOUS!

    1. We laughed hard as soon as we were done.